Writing to Discover: The magic of free-writing

Writing can create connections between what you know in your mind and what you know in your heart.

The process of free-writing is one way to help us get past our inner critic. It’s an exercise many writers to turn to again and again to get the words onto the page and break free of the dreaded writer’s block. But it is also a wonderful tool when we’re writing for healing and self-reflection.

When we ask the right questions and allow our free writing to guide us, we can find connections in our writing we may not have considered otherwise.

I recently wrote a letter to my younger self. It began as a free writing exercise about why I write. I didn’t plan for it to turn into a letter. I didn’t begin with the idea that I had lessons to learn. Through free-writing, something magical happens. One word calls upon the next. One memory injects another.

When used in your journal writing, free-writing helps you move beyond the ideas you think you know. It allows your writing to move into the realm of intuition and heart-knowledge.

Maybe your free-writing won’t produce direct answers, but with the right questions it may just guide you to a type of knowing you haven’t considered in a while. Welcome that knowing. It is the truth that will help you heal and transform.

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