Writing Prompt: What does your Wild Heart really want to say?

Writing Prompt: My Wild Heart wants to tell you #writingandhealingWe often hold back

We live in our heads and cycle through thoughts  and doubts and questions and fear. Before we’ve said what we want to say, we’ve already edited and censored and the words we actually speak aloud are only a faint echo of what we really want to say.

Writing helps us cut through the internal critic. 

Think back to a conversation you wish you’d had. Think back to a moment when you held back what you truly had to say.

If there were no consequences…

No feelings to hurt…

If there was no fear of reprisal, reaction, or rejection…

What would you really say? What would your truest self – your heart-self – say if it were set free?

Pour it all out. Don’t cross out anything. Don’t edit. Just let the words flow onto paper. Let your wild heart free.

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