Writing Prompt: The places I am from

imageWhere are you from?

Having a sense of place grounds us. It keeps us rooted as we sprout out in the world.

Sometimes the places we’re from bring back good memories. Sometimes there are painful memories. But always, they take us back to the source of who we have become and why.

Take some time to think about the places from where you come.

Does a certain color remind you? A sound? A specific scent?

For me, it’s the smell of fried plantains and the sound of neighborhood kids playing on my side of the street. I see a red fire hydrant and am taken back to those hot summer afternoons when we’d crack open the hydrants and play in the streaming water.

We carry places in our hearts.

I met a Brooklyn girl living in Japan. I met a Japanese-American from California, living in a Chicago suburb. The places we remember, and the places we keep within us, form us and our relationship to the world.

Where are you from? Describe the places from where you come.

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