Writing Prompt: This is my peace

imagePeace is more than just the absence of war.

Peace is a state of mind. It is a spiritual achievement.

Sometimes we are too wrapped up in the struggle to even contemplate what peace would feel like in our lives.

Take some time to think about peace.

Sometimes peace can be defined by it’s opposites.

If you need to list out the troubles in your life first in order to define what would you bring you peace in that area, go ahead. Make your list. But don’t stop with listing your troubles.

As you write, consider what could exist in its place if your troubles where gone.

One by one:

  • If fear was gone, this replaces it.
  • If traumatic memories didn’t keep you up at night, this is what it feels like.
  • If you reject generational dysfunction, you can create this in your life.
  • If you could stop the internal warring in your spirit, this could emerge.

This is your peace.

Your words can create your reality. Begin by describing what your peace is like.

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