Write About Love: On writing and healing

When you are writing to reflect on your life and heal a traumatic past, your words can be pretty heavy.

I know this. When I first began to write as a therapeutic process, my poetry conveyed my anger. I had been a victim and I wanted to know why. I had suffered and I wanted to shout at the world about this injustice. But as I continued to write, something else emerged: a tiny spark that refused to fade. Soon I realized that what I really wanted was to know how I had come so far from love, from compassion, from peace, from grace.

How is writing about difficult memories the same as writing about love? It’s not a love letter. It’s not a declaration of love. But the process of showing up for your self and your healing is all about love. When I began to write for myself and allow myself the space to heal, I learned to access a deep reservoir of loving kindness for myself and others. 

It didn’t feel like love at the time but those words needed to be written. I must have believed in love, at least subconsciously, or I wouldn’t have been so angry. I would simply have accepted that the world was rotten and that no good could come from it.

I would have stopped writing.

But I didn’t. I kept writing through my anger and my fear. I kept writing because, somehow, I knew that there was love and grace and healing to be had. And I believe you know it too. That’s why you’re still reading this. That’s why you are writing. Even when you feel like you’re not living from a place of soul, you inherently know that you can be. Writing can help you find your way.

In an essay by the same name, the author Isabelle Allende tells us:

Writing is an act of hope.”

 You sit with your blank page and believe. You follow word after word as they present themselves to you and you trust. You might write about pain or trauma. You might write about fear or loss. But when you open yourself up in an act of hope, you essentially write about love.

The topic doesn’t matter. It is the act of showing up fully and simply writing that is the miracle. That is where healing begins. So take that blank page and open your heart.

Say whatever it is that needs to be said. In this way, you will write about love.

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