Returning to the Writer's Heart-cover-imageReturning to the Writer’s Heart

A 14-day restorative journey to remembering your true love of writing

Returning to the Writer’s Heart is a gentle 14-day journey into the real reasons you write. It is intended to guide you into a new year of writing goals with ease and clarity. Taking only 15 minutes a day to complete, each lesson (emailed to you daily) will include an inspiring story on the day’s theme, a short self-care exercise, and a series of journal prompts to bring you back to your heart. In a space of quiet knowing, you will find comfort and clarity as you close out one year and shepherd in a new beginning.

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 Writing to Heal: A 7-day journey to healing emotional wounds

Writing to Heal

A 7-day journey to healing emotional wounds

Writing to Heal will guide you through the deep process of therapeutic writing. Using trauma-informed and scientifically-based methods of writing to heal, this program will help you face your pain on the page and transform it for a truly healing experience.

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Poetry and Ritual cover image

Poetry & Ritual

An annual retreat for connecting with community, nature, and the sacred in our everyday lives

Poetry & Ritual is a day-long gathering of kindred spirits. We write, we listen, we move and are moved.  In the woods of northern Illinois, we spend time creating sacred space for poetry writing, self-care rituals, and mindfulness activities. We come away with new friendships, a fresh perspective on writing, and a renewed creative spirit.

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