Where my stories come from

I grew up listening to my mother singing and reciting poetry about God and her homeland. They were stories about farmers and shoe-makers, about dictators and lovers’ serenades. Those stories stayed with me.

From a young age, I’ve been collecting stories from writing workshops, theater classes, church pews and my neighborhood playground. I started the first theater group in my inner-city high school and launched with Macbeth, a play about prophecies and witches and political corruption. I recited bible stories emphasizing Jesus as revolutionary, much to the dismay of religious leaders at my local church. I sat down with international diplomats to ask about invasion and war. I marched with the 99 percent. Everything I know about connection and communion has come from the stories I’ve collected. They are my mother’s stories. People’s stories. Stories of every day revolutionaries showing extraordinary courage in ordinary life.

I’m a poet so I take myself too seriously at times. I served in the U.S. Marines for over a decade so I take many things too seriously at times. Through writing, I get to ask the serious questions. I also get to discover healing and the singular hope for peace which resides in connecting with one another, in deep listening and sensing.

I write for personal healing and to access the divine thread that connects us all. It is only the soul that can speak to the soul. It is from this place that I invite you to share some stories with me.

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