(un)clothed and in her right mind

At times I have felt disjointed and disconnected from myself. Through the camera lens, I am intentionally disconnecting from the world in order to capture fragments of the beautiful and the hideous, the dark and the light. It is this medium that best allows me to connect, learn, identify, and recreate. So much of my identity was based on rank and status in the military. My rank and my uniformity were the only things protecting me from being weak and objectionable and created a body only acknowledged by symbols and insignias. After living out of uniform for a few years, I began to feel unknowable even to myself. In stripping away the symbols with which I identified, I found myself bare and vulnerable. But this same vulnerability allowed me to begin to see who I was outside the context of symbols without assuming defeat. Through this series of self-portraits, I am trying to understand what frames identity and learning to recreate my own.


2013      Salute to Women Veterans: Past and Present, Elgin Artspace Lofts, Elgin, IL
2013      Coming Home, Herndon Gallery, Antioch College, Yellow Springs, OH
2012-3   In War, Schoenherr Gallery, North Central College, Naperville, IL
2012      Overlooked/Looked Over,  National  Veterans Art Museum, Chicago, IL

Publications & Press

2014     Warrior Writers, (Self Titled)
2013     The Journal of Military Experience, Vol. 3, Military Experience and the Arts, Eastern Kentucky University Press
2013     WarriorWriters.org online exhibit
2012     “Overlooked and looked over: women veterans tell their story,” John Bachtell, People’s World, May 1
2012     “Discharged but still not at ease,” Dawn Turner Trice, Chicago Tribune, March 12