A Winter Solstice Meditation

The Winter Solstice is great time to pause for reflection, for gratitude, and for letting go.

It’s a time of going inside, physically and spiritually. By embracing stillness and honoring the darkness of these winter days, we make room for the coming light and the promise of new life.

Download the Winter Solstice Journaling Worksheet here

An Autumn Equinox Meditation

The Autumn Equinox is a wonderful season for our spiritual growth. It’s a time to harvest. A time for gathering up and collecting the fruits of our efforts.

For everything we have planted in our lives, and in the world, the autumn equinox is a reminder that what is well nurtured will come to bear in its right time.

This meditation will guide you through mending what needs to be mended, balancing the past and the future, and paying homage to the harvest.

Download the Autumn Equinox Journaling Worksheet here