An Autumn Equinox Meditation

The Autumn Equinox is a wonderful season for our spiritual growth. It’s a time to harvest. A time for gathering up and collecting the fruits of our efforts.

For everything we have planted in our lives, and in the world, the autumn equinox is a reminder that what is well nurtured will come to bear in its right time.

This meditation will guide you through mending what needs to be mended, balancing the past and the future, and paying homage to the harvest.

Download the Autumn Equinox Journaling Worksheet here

A Winter Solstice Meditation

Welcome to a Winter Solstice Meditation.
This moment is yours. Create space for reflection, for healing, for gratitude, for letting go on this, the longest night of the year.

This audio is a simple writing meditation you can practice to honor the darkness of the Winter Solstice and welcome the coming light. Begin this practice at dusk just before the sun slips out of the sky. Then repeat it again each evening for three nights. I recommend you have a candle, a pen, and some paper or your favorite journal. But if getting these items is going to derail your momentum in taking advantage of this moment, then skip it all and just begin. You are here now. All you really need is an open heart.

Included is a reading of the poem “Winter’s Cloak” by Sister Joyce Rupp, from the book, The Circle of Life. Accessed on Spirituality and Practice website at [].

Download the Winter Solstice Journaling Worksheet (coming soon)