Welcome Beautiful Soul :: An Introduction – Writing to Heal, Sacred Self-Care, and Healing Stories

Welcome Beautiful Soul

I made this for you.

When I first started blogging in 2014, I had no idea what I wanted to write about. I have been writing personal stories and poetry since I was about 7 years young, so I’ve always known the magic and healing that can come from writing. But blogging is different.

Blogging is more immediate. More personal. And, in time, those two qualities would teach me that healing (through writing or any other means) needs a process that is both immediate and personal. There is simply no other way.

Light cannot enter a dark room without illuminating it

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If you want to write as a way to heal yourself, as a way to untangle the emotional, mental, or spiritual chaos we sometimes get into, then this is the place.

Writing to Heal

Writing to Heal can help you identify what it is that’s holding you back. It can help you know yourself better. Writing to heal can lead you into a deeper connection with your true self and with the Divine.


Healing – the process of becoming whole again – is always personal.

In fact, it’s often hard to share that process with others because we may notalway notice the signs right away.

But I’ve learned that our pain and our wounds are indicators and sign posts toward the place of our greatest personal power.

These pains you feel are messengers. Listen to them.

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Sacred Self-Care

Sacred self-care is the art of taking care of your sacred self. It starts with acknowledging that you are a divine being. Then you can create a healing process that honors your whole self.

From basic self-care for the body and mind, to rituals, prayers, and poetry that nurtures the soul, Sacred Self-Care is about your personal journey toward wholeness.


I’ve shared some personal stories here as a way to recognize my own healing and to hold up a mirror for others.

You are not alone. We are all one. 

Your healing heals the world and your healing helps me heal.

Even if your journey is a personal one, it doesn’t need to be a lonely one. These are stories that have helped me feel less alone even as I’ve written them.

Read them during times when you might need a bit more inspiration, and a friend to show you that it’s all going to be okay.

The Evolution of this Blog

  • My first post was about banned books and censorship. My blog has been reborn and revised several times since then, but I always keep that first post as a reminder of how my blog has evolved. It’s also a reminder that we are, indeed, the artists of our own lives. Don’t ever censor that creative spark within.
  • Early on I also wrote about the discomfort of dealing with change mostly because I was in a huge place of transition in my own life. I was technically homeless, borrowing a room in a friends’ apartment. I had just quit my job for mental health reasons, and had just come back from a beautifully healing three-months in the Amazon jungle with my husband and our infant daughter. So, yes, in transition.
  • Later I began to blog about my mental health issues a bit more here and here. I am a military veteran (among other things). I live and thrive in spite of PTSD, MDD, and other diagnosed mood disorders.
  • More recently, I’ve geared my focus toward Writing to Heal and Sacred Self-Care with some poetry and personal stories mixed in because that is what nurtures my soul. I hope they are of benefit to you too.

Writing has always been my anchor and my balm.


Which is why I love teaching and facilitating writing workshops. I know the deep healing that can be experienced when we write with intention.

Here I share a letter to my younger self subtitled How Writing Has Saved My Life. Because it has!

The practice of writing letters, also known as Transactional Writing, is an ongoing practice for me and one that I include in my Writing to Heal workshops.

Although my writing often comes from a place of healing (healing wounds, healing trauma, etc.), I try to focus more on the healing than on the wound itself.

I want to share hope and inspiration for the kind of growth, the expanded awareness, and the deep love that comes from being in touch with our divine nature. 

Mostly, I want to share writing that shows how the Divine is in Everything and We are Divine.

So, thanks for sticking around. I hope you find something here that inspires you and makes you feel less alone.

With gratitude,

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