Birthday Gratitude:: 39 Things I’m Grateful For

39 things I’m grateful for on my 39th birthday

Because gratitude is a message to the universe that we are ready accept, expand, live. 

1. A partner who loves me, mind, body, and spirit.
2. A daughter who has taught me more about joy, beauty, goodness, and truth than other person on earth.
3. Protection from God’s angels.

4. Poetry. Not just poems, not just words. But the beautiful flow of life, sound, meaning, and rhythm that makes poetry poetry.

5. Hot baths and my cleansing bath rituals.
6. Shiny crystals that vibrate at just the right frequency.

7. Blogging, writing, and sharing with a wonderful community of bloggerly friends.

Fresh cut chrysanthemum bouquet for my birthday. 8. My chrysanthemum plant which has flowered annually for the past four years in time for my birthday.

9. A Supermoon on my special day.

Supermoon on November 14

10. Hot tea.

11. My long-time BFF who’s known me at my best and at my worst, and has still offers her loving RoyalHeart without reservations.
12. My newest friend and the tour through the crystal shop.
13. All the amazing friends in between who share with me in laughter, art, and in fighting the good fight.
14. The young apple tree in my backyard.
15. Lyn-Genet and The Plan for helping me to feed my family in a way that nourishes our body and our spirit.
16. Linda Meyers, for being a wonderful acupuncturist, healer, and all-around beautiful soul.
17. Danielle LaPorte for reminding me that my desires are sacred.

18. Four seasons and nature’s constant reminder of the cycle of life & death & rebirth.
19. Plant spirits healing and teaching.
20. The internet and other technology that mimics our spiritual ability to connect with a wide world if only we know the correct address, channel, frequency, etc.
21. Books, books, books!

22. My family by blood, who I’ve chosen and who teaches me, strengthens me, challenges me, and (sometimes) loves me.
23. My family by spirit, many of whom I don’t remember in this incarnation, but whose collective light shines the way home for me always.
24. A beautiful house near the countryside.
25. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and the caring therapists at the McHenry VA clinic.
26. Mindfulness meditation as introduced to me by Suellen and re-introduced to me by Julie.

27. Afternoon naps.
28. Pumpkin muffins from The Plan.

29. Warm lemon water in the mornings.
30. Five-minute dance parties with my partner and our daughter (and sometimes our dog).
31. The cello and chamber music.
32. Warm sweaters.

33. Our family dog who brings so much joy and comfort to our home.
34. Our family cat who keeps a watch on the aura and non-physical activity in around our home.
35. Waking up to a thousand kisses from my honey and our sweet girl.
36. Weekend getaways in the Northwoods.
37. The mighty Great Lakes.

38. Wedding plans. 

39. Another year of writing, healing, and living completely in love with my life. 💝

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  1. Mandy says:

    What a great list! You have so many wonderful things in your life! I hope you had a wonderful birthday! 🙂

  2. Love this! So many wonderful things to be thankful for. And happy birthday!

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