Making Space for Hearing the Voice of Wisdom

I’ve tried over and over to recreate the type of environment that is conducive to listening. Whether it’s listening for the voice of a spirit guide, the voice of my own intuition, or the voice of God – there is a need for stripping away the excess noise in order to really hear.

Answers emerge in silence and wide-open spaces: in open fields or in the wide-open landscape of our hearts.

In seeking out these spaces, I’ve developed poetry and ritual.

In poems and in self-care rituals, we can recreate the space for listening. We can listen through language, through sensing, through movement, and always through love.

It is where we can ask for direction.

Poetry expands with our breath. As we read and write and let words tumble over one another, something emerges… Softly.

And Ritual. Intentionality. Sacred space.

It is poetry in motion.

The care we take with our movements and our words carves out an environment that is conducive to listening. Deeply.

It is where we can most often hear when we are being called.

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