What is poetry 

but the signature 

of our divine nature.

Zen stones
Stories from Ordinary Life

The sacred exists in the ordinary, in the seemingly mundane and often overlooked details of life. I share these stories – meditations and observations from my ordinary life – in order to glimpse something of our infinite nature, of our wholeness, and beauty. In lifting up these sacred ordinary moments to the light, I'm seeking the thread of the divine that connects us all to each other. May you find healing in these stories as I have.

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Poetry Review of Sorts

“Everyone wants to know what it means but no one is asking ‘how does it feel?’” ~ Mary Oliver. This review segment answers the question, how does it feel. These are intuitively gathered resources for your healing journey. I'll review poems and other writing, as well as objects and products that feel like poetry in motion. I want to hold up a mirror for our collective healing as I examine and interact with these works.

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Writing Prompts

How do we begin to write for healing and spiritual growth? How do we move beyond trauma to a place where we can recreate our stories and our lives? These writing prompts are exercises in self-reflection. They will ask you to look deeply and listen closely. They will welcome you home to yourself as the one place where the answers abide. As you write and look and listen, I believe you may find we are not so alone in this work after all.

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Audio Companion

Sometimes we just want to sit with a friend in the quiet comfort of knowingness. When your capacity is limited or constricted, these audio recordings are my way of being there with you. These are poems, meditations, and other readings that have soothed me in moments of need. These are pep talks I have shared with close friends and stories I have repeated aloud finding comfort in their sound. May it be of benefit.

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