Writing to Heal + Sacred Self-Care

Your Sacred Self Deserves Sacred Care

You Are a Spiritual Being…

If you had any doubts, let me reassure you:: Your soul has called you out to this very time & place. If you have wounds to heal, let’s heal them. If you are ready, Love is waiting to love through you.

Writing to Heal

Sacred Self-Care

Letters of Inspiration

A reminder to create sacred space.

Letters of Inspiration is twice-monthly letter from me::

Healing Stories + Poetry, Writing Prompts, and Exercises for Building Mindfulness & Soulfulness into Your Everyday Life.

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Where to go from here? Find out more about Writing to Heal + Sacred Self-Care. Or read the Blog for tips, writing exercises, and personal stories about my journey of writing and healing. For the favorite posts and a tour, visit the Start Here page. Welcome Beautiful Soul.

Writing to Heal: Connect with the Healing Power of Your Words

Something magical happens when you write. Learn how writing helps you heal and connect with your higher self.

Sacred Self-Care: The Art of Caring for Your Sacred Self

“Remember, the entrance door to the sanctuary is inside you.” ~Rumi.


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“I know you’re tired, but come, this is the way.” ~Rumi

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7 Things I Did This Year That Transformed My Life

Gratitude lists have always been difficult for me. Not because I don’t feel gratitude for many things, but because they don’t always convey the BIG picture. The big picture is that we can be grateful for the good moments and the challenging moments. Looking at how our moments have transformed us cultivates a deeper appreciation and more clarity. That is something for which I am […]

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Disruption as a Tool for Awakening {Scene & Story}

Disruption as a Tool for Awakening {Scene & Story}

Radical discontinuity. Disruption. Drastic change. They all pull us from our unconscious daily grind, into awareness. Interruptions make us look up from our mindless meandering. They make us notice. Disruption becomes a tool for awakening.

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Creating Sanctuary: Reflections on Keeping the Sabbath for a non-Jewish, non-religious family

Creating Sanctuary: Reflections on Keeping the Sabbath for a non-Jewish, non-religious family

We’re not Jewish. We don’t belong to any church. But Sabbath keeping has become a sort of temple-making where we find repose in God. This is how our non-Jewish, non-religious family keeps the Sabbath to create sanctuary and renew our spirit.

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Who am I?

Hello, I’m Iris Madelyn

I’m a writer, an artist, a believer.

I believe we can be the change…

I believe we dream our world into being.

I believe we can access our own inner wisdom to heal and thrive.


I’m a poet and workshop facilitator whose mission is to help you remember your divine nature through writing, healing, and sacred self-care.

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